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March 2016

ROBOCON 2k16, Rank-116

These were our first baby step after formation of society. Although we didn't get a good rank but our team put had put their 100% that is what matters.

March 2017

ROBOCON 2k17, Rank-86

This was our second ROBOCON and we were determined to improve. We were still an infant society but what we lacked in experience we more than make up in power of sheer will.

March 2018

ROBOCON 2k18, Rank-25

Our efforts finally brought fruit in 2018 and we got quite a big improvement in rank. We surpassed teams which had much more experience and resources and this was the year Robotics Society NITH finally shine through.

March 2019

Techkriti 2k19

Techkriti is one of the biggest techfest in India which has many robotics related competitions and we made many projects for the same. Although some of our projects lost points due to some technicalities but the organizers were so  impreesed by our projects they awarded one team with a summer internship.

February 2020

Advitiya 2k20 (IIT Ropar)

In ADVITIYA, we participated in many events like Line follower, RoboSoccer, MicroMouse and many more and we got appreciation too. Although some of our projects lost points due to some technicalities.