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Long Term Projects

Humanoid Robot
Humanoid Robotics is an emerging and challenging research field, Which palys a centeral role in Robotics. We made a humanoid shaped robot using servo motors while wood and thin metal sheets were used to give structure and rigidity. 

Driver-Less Car
A self driving vehicle that is capable of sensing it's environment and moving with little or no human input. Autonomus cars commbine a variety of sensors to percieve their surrounding such as RADAR, computer vision, LADAR, SONAR, odometry and inertial measurement units.  

Current Projects

BCI ( Brain Computer Interface) 
We propose an innovative, futuristic and cost effective Brain Computer Interface (BCI) based wheelchair. The wheelchair helps the patient to navigate from one place to another based on motor imagery model to control a brain actuated wheelchair.
The wheelchair

Self Balancing Bot
Self balancing robot is based on the principle of inverted pendulm, which is a two-wheeled vehicle which balances itself up in the vertical position with refrence to the ground. It will be prevented from falling by giving acceleration according to its inclination from the vertical.

Robotic Hand
To make a fully functional robotic hand that have enough strenght to pick objects. The hand is controlled by Leap Motion + Arduino UNO +  Servo Motors and the hand iteself will be made by 3-D printing.  It will recognize each finger and it can move separately with good precision and sensibility depending on the person who is using it.

ROBOCON 2018 - Shoot and Pass Shuttles 
The challenge of ROBOCON 2018 was to shoot and pass the shuttles (ball fixed on a thread) through given rings which were fixed at a distance on poles. Automatic robot with precise locomotion in which a sensor scans the ground for exact positioning. The autonomous robot used a catapult like mechanism to shoot the shuttles through the rings.